Friday, January 20, 2012

World War II - China Theatre and China-Burma-India Theatre

7 YouTube Clips: (1) (Ambitions of Japanese Imperial Army)
(2) (Marco Polo Bridge Incident) (3) (Shanghai)  (4) (Extremely Difficult Decision Made - Trade Space for Time) (5) (Chongqing) (6) (Attack on Pearl Harbour) (7) (Roads to Victory)

Note (market2garden): The only time I couldn't stop my tears for the entire 7 clips was the fourth clip the part when the Chinese Leaders decided to trade space for time, and quite successfully rally the people for the strategy, simply because I believe no one could hundred percent guranttee this was really a good move as the enemy always have counter-measures.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012



鄭少秋 - 熊熊聖火 - 倚天屠龍記

鄭少秋 - 倚天屠龍記 (中文)


罗文 - 倚天屠龍記 *电影
情如網 困盡多少英雄 仇如劍 斷盡多少愛恨
人間高手一世英雄 亦免不了愛和恨
屠龍寶刀 弄不斷情仇相分 愛恨有誰可解 誰可無憾 
萬種恩 偏偏生千般恨 問你怎不痛心
情網困盡多少英雄 情愛偏会变仇恨 (中文版-视频开头)


倚天屠龍記 (純音樂) (顾家辉音乐名作)

Friday, December 9, 2011

This Web Space 2011.12.09 - Beginning of Second Period

There are many previous links and blog entries are obsolete. My intention is to have a brand new start. But unlike other bloggers who eager to have "new blog", let me stick to the same blog. Just thinks All the links and blog entries before this blog entry as "First Period". So this is the beginning of the "Second Period". Objectives and the purpose are still the same. Stay tune.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Music Playlist TV Series (Canto) [書劍恩仇錄]

汪明荃 書劍恩仇錄 - 選郎

TV Series. Canto.1976

汪明荃 書劍恩仇錄 - 安拉我主


鄭少秋 書劍恩仇錄

關菊英 書劍恩仇錄 - 事事未滿足


汪明荃 書劍恩仇錄 - 綠水情波

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jurong Drive-in Opens; Causeway Opens

Source: ST (This Day in History)

1971-07-14 Jurong Drive-in Opens
Singapore first drive-in cinema, the Jurong Dirve-in Cinema, is opened by Minister for Culture Jek Yuen Thong.
Jurong Drive-in Web Info

1924-06-28 Causeway Opens
The Singapore-Johor Causeway is officially opened by Governor and High Commissioner Laurence Guillemard.
Singapore-Johor Causeway (Wiki)


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